The Bang! Archives

In Hilary Term 2018 Bang! Science Magazine relaunched with a new name: The Oxford Scientist. Our magazine has always been made what it is by our contributors – writers, artists, editors – who all call this world famous university their home. We wanted to reflect this in the name of our publication. We’re still committed to producing a termly, “graphically gorgeous”, magazine, accompanied by a (new!) website, and entirely produced by Oxford Students.

For our new website,, we decided that we’d like a fresh start and consistent article styles, so we’ve decided to preserve the old website as an archive of all the Bang! content dating back to 2007.

If you have a subscription to our magazine, wrote an article for the Bang! website, or are advertising with us, and are confused how the rebrand will affect you, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected].